Sunday, June 7, 2009

Honey Cake Recipe

This cake was baked in 2007 for mothers day and the recipe has not changed mainly because it is really awesome and it pleased all those who were lucky enough to taste it.

The advantage of this cake is that is contains so much good flavours that you can eat it straight out of the oven without even decorating it. Served with a good tea or a cup of coffee, this is the kind of simple cake which would go well on any occasion, be it a dinner, a housewarming festival and just a night out with your friends.

The only disadvantage of this cake is that your guests will be nagging you for the recipe after they have tasted it, but I guess you could live with that!

So without further delay, here goes:

Honey Cake

2 large cups of flour (normal one, not self-raising)
2 tablespoons of baking powder
1 can of sweetened & condensed milk
160g of pure honey (that basically a medium container, in sale everywhere)
Half cup of liquid milk
250g of unsalted butter (keep a little for greasing)
1 drop of vanilla essense

Mix all the ingredients together in no particular order until you get a thick and smooth paste.

Things should look more or less like this!

Put the mixture in a greased bowl and put it in the oven at a heat of around 180 degrees for about 30 minutes! Enjoy!


  1. who baked that:you or i?do you remember?coz i forgot.i thot we make this for my birthday!!lol

  2. Looks good. I reckon this cake shall go well with a nice cup of tea. Haha