Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mauritian Banana Pie Recipe

Those pies are almost a Mauritian classic dessert and they are sold in nearly every pastry shop. If those pies became so popular in Mauritius, it might be due to the fact that bananas are readily available in the island and let's face it, this dessert is really delicious.

You might laugh if I tell you that I make this recipe almost every week or at least twice a month. The reason for this is simple: my parents are great fans of banana pies and we always have a stock of banana at home, which, if not eaten, might have to go spoiled, so the best ways to use those bananas was to bake some good old banana pie.

So without saying further, let's get into the core of the recipe:

To make a 20cm Banana Pie you will need:

For the base:
300g plain flour
150g unsalted butter
1 pinch of salt
3-5 tablespoon of milk

To make the shortcrust pastry, proceed as indicated in this post

First cook the base "a blanc", that is for about 15 minutes, until the dough hardens but is not coloured yet

While the shortcrust pastry is in the oven, make the pie filling

For the filling, you will need:
About 12 small bananas, sliced
2 tablespoon of butter
2 tablespoon of sugar

Start by melting the butter in a saucepan.
Drop in the banana slices.
Sprinkle the sugar on top of the bananas and let cook by stirring occasionally.
When the bananas have melted and the mixture has got a lovely caramel colour, the filling is ready.

When the shortcrust pastry has finished cooking for the first time, remove them from the oven and pour in the banana paste.

You can serve the pie as it is and the recipe would end here, provided that you let the crust bake till it gets a golden brown colour.

Or you can push the recipe further by adding the rustic touch of "dough ribbons" on top of the pie.

For this you only have to keep a piece of the shortcrust pastry, roll it out and cut it vertically to obtain those ribbons.

Now after baking the shortcrust pastry "a blanc" for the first time for 10 to 15 minutes, you pour in the banana filling and you as artistically as possible place those ribbons on top of the pie. Now you only have to bake again until the ribbons get a lovely golden colour.

You might refrigerate the pie once it's baked if you are not planning to serve straight-away.

All I gotta tell you now is, Enjoy!


  1. I think banana pie is the best of all pies! Looks yummy!

  2. ^^ its banana party!!! Lovliebutterfly too cook something with bananas :p.

    Thanks for this blog morinnn...can i have the recipe of these strange sandwiches which appear on the other blog :)

  3. you know what? i think i`m going to may my receipe blog too! :P Can we merge it :P

  4. @ Joyshan, hehe, I saw one of your recipes, it's awesome. I have even tried it to be honest. :P To really need to make a recipe blog.

  5. Shortcrust banana pie is soooooooo good. I remember when my mom and I did it. It was not complicated and everyone loved it. It looked exactly like in your picture.

    Okay I'm lying. Mine was bruised and broken. Hahaha.