Monday, June 8, 2009

Tea party sandwiches recipe

Have you ever been to those posh tea parties often organized by the classy girl of your class and you've wondered, how you could ever convince your mother to do that? When I was in high school, I was often invited to tea parties. It was just "in" at that time and we had to pretend we were all classy and nibble those sandwiches while sipping some hot tea.

When it was my turn to receive my friends, I thought we would not be able to make it and to our surprise it did not turn out that bad...

At first planning your own tea party looks like too much job, especially when you have to fill platter full of fluffy and tiny triangle sandwiches of all kinds. But then with a little imagination you can just turn that little tea party into something creative which will require very little job (compared to regular tea parties that is).

It is always considered appropriate to provide 3 sandwiches in a party. So our tea party will consist of the classic butter and cheese sandwich, an egg sandwich and a sweet nutty sandwich.

The classic butter and cheese sandwich


  • Sandwich breads
  • Butter (you might need to buy an extra tub just in case),
  • Cheese (grated finely using a cheese grater so that the cheese sticks to the bread)
  • Pepper (for some extra flavor)
  • Cucumber or tomato slices and some lettuce leaves (patted dried so that it does not wet the sandwich)

Proceed by first grating the cheese in a bowl, then add twice as much butter as the cheese. For example if you have grated 100g of cheese, you should be adding 200g of butter. Then add pepper to the cheese and butter and mix well.
Spread this mixture on both surface of the sandwich, add the cucumber slices and lettuce leaves between the bread slices and squeeze lightly.

Your butter and cheese sandwich is done.

The egg sandwich


  • Sandwich breads
  • Hard-boiled eggs (add a little vinegar or lemon juice to the water when boiling. This will prevent the eggs from breaking in the water).
  • Butter or mayonnaise sauce or salad cream
  • Mint or coriander or parsley or basil (anything green you can lay your hands on- Finely chopped)
  • Salt and pepper

This sandwich filling can be prepared on the eve of the party and I would really advise you to do so.

First mash the hard-boiled eggs, add the cream or butter and the finely chopped herb. Salt and pepper comes in next. The mixture is ready.
Butter the sandwich breads slightly before spreading the egg mixture so that it sticks to the bread. Press the sandwich lightly and it's ready to be served!

The sweet nutty sandwich

This is a sweet sandwich and it might actually save your life if you forgot to prepare a dessert for the tea party.


  • Sandwich breads
  • A cup of Nutella (which can be substituted by chocolate sauce or melted chocolate)
  • Some roasted almond slices
  • Some strawberries or any other fruit for the decoration.

Spread the nutella or chocolate sauce on the bread. Add a few roasted almond slices. You can either add fruit slices in the sandwiches or on top of them,it doesn't matter how you place the fruits. What matters is that this will help finish your tea party beautifully, without much sweat on your part.

I sure hope these recipes will be useful to you. So when's the next tea party?


  1. great for a lazy sunday morning breakfast too!!

  2. I love sandwiches. I usually stuff my face with them all the time at family get-togethers. Haha