Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Quick and Easy Fruit Jelly

I first made this recipe last year when I absolutely needed to bring something to a Mothers' Day party but did not have enough time to shop for ingredients and to make an elaborate dessert.

I had a small can of mixed fruits in syrup and a packet of agar agar in the cupboard and that was all I needed to make this lovely jelly.

No one ever guessed that it took me barely five minutes to prepare this recipe!

10 gms of agar agar powder
1 small can of mixed fruit in syrup
250 ml of water
3 tablespoon of sugar

1 deep pan
A jelly mould
A whisk

First drain the fruits while taking care to keep the syrup in a bowl. 
Dispose the fruits in the jelly mould.

In the deep pan, pour in the fruit syrup and mix in the water. 
Next throw in the sugar and agar agar powder. 
Whisk the mixture and let it come to the boil.
Lower the heat under the mixture and let it simmer a minute.

Next pour in the liquid into the jelly mould. Let it cover the fruits.
Let the jelly cool a little before placing in the refrigerator for some hours for it to be cold.

Serve very cold.

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  1. Think I'll try this with fresh fruits someday. Nice blog!