Monday, June 6, 2011

Homemade romantic dinners

Forget dinners for two at home where you will be realising complicated meals from starters to dessert. Let`s face it, you won`t get the time to successfully make everything and if you do accomplish this great feat, you will be tired as hell and won`t be up to "the other dessert" that you had in mind for your companion.

The thing is, romantic dinners are more about the visual aspect of things. You would just need meals that look good. Well the taste does play an important part too, but you know that you can achieve that with something simple to make.

Romantic dinners are also about the music, the flowers, the perfumes and YOUR dress and makeup. And if you are a guy, well, you got it, it`s about the visual aspect.

What I`m trying to say is, don`t enslave yourself in a complicated menu. This will leave you time to take care of the decoration and of yourself and to be in a better disposition for what lies ahead of the night.

For the coming weeks, I will be carrying out a mini-series of romantic dinners from around the world including simple recipes, flower arrangements and other decorations.

These mini-series would be inspired by the following places:

So stay tuned!

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