Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Moist chocolate cake

I made this moist chocolate cake for a birthday at work. It was honestly my first attempt at this cake and without being pretentious, it came out beautifully. The cake remained moist despite having spent almost a day in the fridge. Everyone loved it and could not believe how easy it was to make. I got the recipe from the BBC website and I have to say that it was quite accurate. Except that you can still remove some of the sugar.

So here is the recipe:

Note that the cake shown in this post is a single layer.


  1. Lovely. What about the cream? Anything special about it?

  2. @ Amanda, you just whip some cream and place it in a ziploc-style bag, cut the edge with a fine hole and then have some fun with the design. If you can draw (which I can`t) you can be very creative with this.

  3. its was soooo yummy the cake....."a re faire " :P